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There are individual durabolin cases of observation sudden death in patients treated with antipsychotic drugs, particularly haloperidol. Since haloperidol in some patients marked prolongation of the  interval , the drug should be used with caution in patients at risk of  interval prolongation (hypokalemia, concurrent use of other drugs that may cause prolongation of the  interval). If necessary, use of haloperidol decanoate, haloperidol first be administered orally, for the determination of a possible sudden hypersensitivity.
Due to the fact that haloperidol is metabolized in the liver, caution is required in use of haloperidol in severe liver disease. With long-term use requires periodic monitoring of blood count and liver function. In some cases, described the development of the phenomena of seizures during treatment with haloperidol. Therefore, durabolin patients with epilepsy, as well as those patients who have an increased convulsive readiness (chronic intoxication as alcohol and other origins, brain injury history, etc.), haloperidol decanoate should be used with caution.
Thyroxine increases the toxicity haloperidol, haloperidol so patients with hyperthyroidism is applicable only under the cover of an adequate thyreostatic treatment. Patients who have a picture of psychopathological disorders present phenomenon of the depressive syndrome, haloperidol should be administered in combination with antidepressants. If there is a need to simultaneously hold the patient  therapy, after the last dose of haloperidol decanoate treatment with these drugs should continue for some time, as the excretion of antiparkinson drug is faster than haloperidol decanoate -preparata prolonged action.
Care must be taken when performing heavy physical activity, hot tub making (development of heat stroke as a result of the suppression of the central and peripheral thermoregulation in the hypothalamus).
During treatment, should not be taken “cough” non-prescription drugs (anticholinergic effects may be increased and the risk of thermal shock). Protect durabolin exposed skin from excessive solar radiation due to increased risk of photosensitivity.
Treatment stopped gradually to avoid withdrawal symptoms. Antiemetic effect may mask signs of drug toxicity and complicate diagnosis states that the first symptom is nausea. Before the appointment of prolonged form, you must first transfer the patient from any other. On neuroleptic haloperidol (prevention of sudden hypersensitivity to haloperidol). online anabolic steroids pharmacy

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